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Podcasting How To ...  (Our Tutorials)

Podcast101 Tutorial -  This tutorial goes over click by click everything you need to know to create and distribute a podcast with a Mac or PC. In about 1 hour you will be a podcaster.
Oct 10, 2010

Our How To - podCast411 Tutorial on Creating an MP3 file and RSS / XML feed
OSX / Windows            Goes with our Dec 31st podCast
Updated Jan 9, 2007 - with new information for iTunes Tags

Using FeedBurner without having to change your RSS URL -  This tutorial teaches you how to use the Feedburner service while maintaining control of your RSS URL.
May 7, 2005

ID3 TAGS:  Formating ID3 Tags for your listeners - This is a tutorial on how to edit and correctly format ID3 tags so as to make it easier for your listener to find your latest podcast on their computer or iPod.
Updated Nov 14, 2005

"What do You Mean I don't need an iPod to Listen to a Podcast?" and other common questions about podcasting - This is the Second part  in our Flashing 12 series on Podcasting - If you know nothing about podcasting - You shoud read that Tutorial first - See below.
April 9, 2005

How to Explain Podcasting to a Flashing 12 - Our tutorial on translating Geek
Speak into something the most Technically Challenged Person (Flashing 12)
can easily understand.  Feb 19, 2005

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Podcasting How To ...  (Others we found very helpful)

Compression 101  Excellent Tutorial on Compression from dBx pro

The Podwire: Podcasting Do's and Dont's by Andrew from the Working Podcast
Very good article.

how to podcast - An excellent tutorial on how to podcast from engadget.com.

Hugo Schotman - Excellent Overview -

Reel Reviews Tutorial  - Great Tutorial w/ Podcast on creating professional quality sound

Windley.com -  Getting Started with RSS - Multiple links on RSS

Zefhemel - Howto: Create Your Own Podcasting Show On Windows

Webcrumbs - How to record Skype calls

DigitalMinds.com - How to for create a MP3 on XP