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Co-Written by
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The following is a list of directories focused on Audio and Video Podcasts - That do not charge for you to be listed - Links for the most part take you directly to the submit page.

Note: Never pay to have your podcast listed in a directory - it is not worth it and you will not get any Return on your Investment.  Please report any directories below that viloate that principal to podcast411@gmail.com

DIRECTORIES  & APPS (196) -  Updated 7-March-2016

podcast411 - Our site

iTunes - iTunes podcast directory - Need iTunes installed to make entry and need an iTunes account.

Google Play Music - If with Libsyn - go HERE FIRST

Stitcher - Great place to pick up new listeners

Libsyn - The Podcast Source App  - WP8 & Windows 8 App

TuneIn Radio - Send email - Here is the info

OverCast App - There is no submission page - it pulls from the iTunes directory - but this is an important app to make sure your show is in and working well - check the iOS only App - here


(For the Apps - Downcast, iCatcher, OverCaast, PocketCasts & RSSRadio - They pull their directory from the iTunes Public API - so make sure you are in iTunes.  Instacast Directory is based on shows where X number of users have manually subscribed to your feed.)

aCast - email submisson - No longer recommending this as they are asking you about audience size and making it a selective entry.  Plus asking questions they should be able to get from your RSS feed.  Something just does not look right with this - stay away.  

All Podcasts - podcast directory - Ping form

Audio-Podcast.fm - General Podcast Directory 

Blogdigger - Search for the latest Audio and more.

Blubrry - Need to register to add.

BritCaster - Directory of UK podcasters

CastRoller - Need to register to add.

Digital Podcasts - Need to register to add.

DoubleTwist (App) - Select "Request New Podcast" and enter RSS feed and other info in message box.

gigadial - podcast directory

iPodder - General Podcast Directory 

Learn Out Loud - Podcast Directory - email sub. needed.

NEW - Lisn.cc - Podcast Directory meets Pinterest.

MeFeedia - Video Podcast Directory

Miro Guide - Part of Miro Player - Free Registration Needed

mirpod - Podcast Directory

New Time Radio - podcast directory with long history

Outdoor Radio Network - Fishing, Hunting, Boating Podcast & Videocast Directory

OzPodcasts - Australian Podcasts

Player.fm - Audio Podcast Directory 

Plazoo.com - RSS Search (submit does not work with Safari)

Podcast.com - Currently for sale (again) - no submissions at this time.  

Podcast.tv - A Video Podcast Directory

podcast Alley - Need to register to add.

Podcast Blaster - General Podcast Directory

Podcast Bunker - Link removed per request of Podcast Bunker

PodcastDirectory - General Podcast Directory

Podcast-Directory.co.uk - General Podcast Directory

Podcastellano.com - Spanish Language Podcast Directory

Podcast Pup - Search Portal for Podcasts

PodcastZoom - Need to register to add.

NEW - poddirectory - New General Podcast Directory 

Podfeed - Need to register to add.

podKicker - Smartphone Aggregator App  

Podsonoro - Spanish Language Podcast directory

Podster.de - German Language Podcast Directory

PublicRadioFan.com - Directory of Public Radio Programs being podcasted.

QueerCasters - Directory of Gay and Lesbian Podcast

RECAP - Podcasts for Educators

Replay Media Guide - Podcast directory

ShortOrangesubmit page giving error message - use contact link

The Running Podcast List - Podcasts about Running - email submission top of page

Two Thumbs Up Media - General Podcast directory

US Government PodcastsSubmit form is dead - there are contact us links to use now

Vodcasts.TV - Video Podcast Directory

Women in Podcasting - Need to register to add.

If you would like your site added here - send an e-mail to podcast411@gmail.com




Blackberry Podcasts - submission page is now dead.  

Zune Marketplace - Submission currently offline - need to submit via email - podcasts at microsoft dot com

01Podcast.com - DEAD - French Audio / Video Podcast Directory

01Vlog.com - DEAD - Video Podcast Directory

2RSS.Com - DEAD - Podcast Directory

amigofish - gone to sleep with the fishes.  

AOL Podcast Beta - Podcast Directory, read Terms First

A Podcast Like That - Audio and Video Podcast Directory

Apodo - Audios - Spanish Language Podcast Directory

AUDIOFEEDS.ORG - DEAD - Someone forgot to feed them

blawg - Directory of law related podcasts

Blinkx.tv - Guess they Blinkxed first

BlogExplosion - DEAD - It Imploded

Blog Resource - DEAD - Was not resourcefull enough

BlogUniverse - Asking for $ - F That

Canada Podcasts.ca - Heading up to the Great White 404

Cast Register - DEAD - No need to register here

Castwing - They did not have a wing or a prayer

Church Podcasts - DEAD - Now in the afterlife

ClickCaster - No Longer taking submissions

Contentious - No Longer taking submissions

DailySplice - DEAD - Submits don't work

DIGG Podcast Beta - They burried this feature

DJconneXion - Dead - What you get for improper use of an X

Dramapod.com - Audio Drama Podcast directory

Elpodio.com - Spanish Language Podcasts Directory

EPN - The Education Podcast Network - Lesson Learned

EveryPodcast - DEAD - guess there were too many podcasts

Experience Podcasting - or not - DEAD

Family Friendly Podcasts - Dead -Not very podcaster friendly

Feed The Network - DEAD - Died of Starvation

Feeds4All - But Directory for no one

Feedzie - DEAD - Deadzie

FeedOoyoo - Asking for $ - F That

Fluctu8 - Dead - Too much Fluctu8'g

fonpodsa - DEAD - This one is phinished

genwi - no more podcast submissions

GetAPodcast.com - DEAD - Got a Tumbstone

goFish - submission page gone

GospelPodcasting.com - Dead - Unlike the lord this one is not coming back.

Hwy777.com - Christian Podcast Directory

iBizRadio - No Biz Model - Dead

idiotvox - Directory w/ search, reviews & original content

iPodder.org - iDEAD  

iPodderX - X'd out now Transistr

iTunes Links - DEAD - I predicted this death a long time ago

iTunesTracks.co.uk - DEAD - No tracks to follow now.

kedora - DEAD - Stick a feather in this fedora

Last 100 podCasts - DEAD - A century in the making. 

Loomia - removed submission page

Lusocast - DEAD

Melodeo - Mobilcast - Podcast directory / network to supply  podcasts on Mobile phones.

Music Only Podcasts - DEAD - Just playing taps now

My Podcast Center - DEAD - Not very Centric

Nature Podcasts - DEAD

Odeo - Podcast Directory


Open Media Network - DEAD - Closed Media Network

PCastBaby - DEAD - Thrown out with the bath water.

PCCaster - DEAD - Hello I'm a PC - ugggghhh - then silence

Personal Growth Podcast Directory -  DEAD - Stopped Growing

Pluggd.com - Submission page gone - site to follow??

Pocketcasting - DEAD - just lintcasting now

Podanza - DEADanza

PodBean - Submit page 404'g - email contact@podbean.com

Podblaster.net - DEAD

podblaze - Went out in a blaze of glory or not

Podcast.com - Podcast Directory. Scroll down for submission.

podcast.de - Uber Dead - German Language Podcast Directory

podcast.com.ar - El Dead - Spanish Language Podcasts Directory

podcast.net - DEAD - Swish

podcast Central - Dead even on the edges

Podcast Charts - DEAD - This one is off the charts

PodcastDirectory.com.au - DEAD

Podcast Empire - DEAD - The Emperor was missing more than cloths.

Podcast-es.org - El Dead - Spanish Language Podcast Directory

PodcastFerret - They just weaselled out on us.

PodcastFusion - DEAD -Maybe they should have tried fision

podcasting news - Stop the presses they stopped the site.

Podcasting-Station.com - Went off the Air

Podcast Pickle - DEAD - This one is Pickeled and placed on the shelf 

Podcast Player Online - Was not the player they thought they were

Podcasters Who's Who - Directory for podcasts.  Free Registration required.

Podcasterworld.com - DEAD - Its a small world after all

PodcastFix - DEAD - the fix was in

Podcast Like That - DEAD like that

PodCastingList.org - DEAD - de-listed

Podcast in Guatemala - Podcasts from Guatemala

Podcast Mania - DEAD - Podcast Depresia

Podcast SA - South African Podcast directory

Podcast Salad - Video Podcast Directory

Podcast Sniper - DEAD - Someone Sniped them

Podcast Style - General Podcast Directory, email submission is needed - but seems not to be working.  Soon to be DEAD

Podcast Shuffle - DEAD - Shorter lifespan than the Ickey Shuffle

PodcastVideos.org - DEAD

Pod Farm - DEAD - EIEIO

podfeeder - DEAD - no one feed it

podfeed.net - Podcast Directory with Voting

Podlog - English Podcast directory

Podlog.de - German Podcast directory

Podlook - Chinese Language Podcast Directory

Podmopolis - Podcast Directory

podnova.com - Directory combined with aggragator for one-click subscription

PodOmatic - no longer taking submissions

Podfeed.nl - Dutch Podcast Directory

PodGator.net - DEAD - Gator Bait

Pod-Planet - DEAD - same fate as Pluto

PodPusher - DEAD - Pushing up daisies

Podscope - Down Periscope down site

Podseek.net - DEAD - We searched but could not find.


PodSpider - DEAD - itsy bitsy

Podutainment - DEADutainment

Podzinger - submission page is gone, is site to follow?

PotKast - DAHEAD - Not winning any spelling bees in the Afterlife

PromoPicker - DEAD - Picked clean

Qpodder - Oh Snap it is dead

RSS Podcast Directory - Did not know the difference between RSS and CSS

RSS Network - DEAD - Submit page 404'g

SciFiPods - DEAD

Sahfor - podcast directory, looking for money or reciprocal link for you to be added.  No reason to do either.

SingingFish - DEAD - AOL'd

Small Business Podcast Directory - Business was just too small

Speecha - General Podcast Directory

Sportpodcasts - DEAD - no games here

syndic8 - Dead - Lesson on why you don't spell your name with a number

Swell.am (App) - Apple Purchased this app and shut it down

The Hard Pod Cafe - Learned the Hard way this is not a good biz model

The podlounge - Too much lounging not enough podding

The Star Wars Podcast Network - DEAD - the Force was not with them

The Pod Ship - currently under maintenance Tinny Nibbles - Sex Podcast directory, You will need to contact Violet Blue to get your show added.

UK Podcasts - UK Podcast Directory


ViCasting - podcast directory - registration needed to enter podcast.

Vital Podcasts - DEAD - vital signs not good


VLogList.com - DEAD - Added to the Deadpool List

Vodstock - DEAD - out of stock

Yahoo Podcast Beta - DEAD - In like a Lion out like a Lamb.

Yahoo Media Search - Can't even google it 

YakkYakk.com - Akk Akk Akk - Dead

YouLoud - DEAD - was not loud enough

ZENcast - Nothing more Zen then Death